Can Marble Increase the Value of Homes?

Marble is becoming increasingly popular in smaller houses thanks mainly to the sharing of creative ideas on the internet. But can marble increase the value of real estate? The answer is definitely, but only if it’s done really well and has the ‘wow’ factor when people first get to see it. If it doesn’t then it might prove a sticking point should you want to see thee property. Marble is expensive, ceramic is not. Marble is hard to remove and dispose of. Ceramic is not. So if a potential buyer doesn’t like the way you’ve done your marble floors or walls, then they’ll likely put your property further down on their short list.

No potential buyer minds looking at a room that has ceramic floors and walls and thinking; “Hmm! I can replace them easily enough as soon as I move in, but with marble or granites, all they can see is a costly, time consuming headache should they want to rip up stone surfaces.

So, beautifully laid marble floors and walls could have house buyers fighting over your real estate, whereas unappealing design or style could see them passing. For more ideas on marble floors, the blog floors for folks seem to have some interesting ideas.