London Gold Price Chart

Understanding the “Chart and the Spot” Gold Price is critical towards making a success in the Gold
trading busuness.Anyone who wants to sell gold and get cash for unwanted jewellery would be wise to
know the market rates before they sell their gold. These days, you can sell gold at virtually any
jewellers, a range of online websites, market stalls and other venues with no relation to jewellery
at all.However, the price you get can vary significantly; especially when you take account of hidden

Any reputable jeweller will normally base their prices for the different gold standards e.g. 24 carat,
18 carat etc. on the daily market. You can expect them to take a reasonable commission of around
10 to 20% of the market price. You may even get more than you expect if they can see a resale
value in the jewellery itself. This is one of the main benefits of using a professional jeweller who
would be able to advise on not just the price of the gold but the quality of the jewellery.
Other outlets may not offer such competitive prices, taking a higher commission or charging in
addition for the service they provide. The end result could mean that when you sell gold through
these outlets, you end up receiving less than 50% of the market gold price in some cases.

It therefore pays to check the London Gold Price Chart before engaging with the purchasers of
jewellery. There are a number of online sites which will show both the buy and sell gold prices.
However, these days, the mobile apps provide a great solution to getting information on all
subjects including gold prices. There are a number of iPhone apps that can act as a handy
reference.Gold Price will provide you with the latest quotes for gold prices from London, New York
& Zurich,plus spot rates.Gold Prices allows you to track spot prices and provides you with 30 day,
60 day, 6 month, 1 year,5 year and 10 year charts. They have also recently added platinum and silver
prices too.Kcast Gold Live includes other precious metals, historical charts, different exchange rates
and a useful unit of measure converter too.

Prices will vary on a daily basis and are subject to market fluctuations, so keeping an eye on the
trends will help you to know when might be the best time to sell gold.
Of course, there are also considerations other than the price. You need to make sure that your
gold will be properly tested to ascertain the quality. You can check out the jewellery yourself for
any standard hallmarks as well, so you can be sure that you get the right price for the quality of the
gold you sell.